Media Coverage 2024

An archive of selected media coverage about NEADS World Class Service Dogs. If you would like to write or film a story about NEADS, please contact us.

Wealth Beyond Riches: An Interview with Cathy Zemaitis

This week on Wealth Beyond Riches, Abaris Financial Group LLC CEO Abbey Henderson, CFP® spoke with Cathy Zemaitis, Chief Development and Programs Officer at NEADS, about its mission, how you can contribute, and much more.

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Cape & Islands NPR: Service Dogs

Mindy Todd, The Point

WOODS HOLE, MA (WCAI) — Service Dogs are essential in the day to day life of many people- individuals who are blind or low vision, those who have difficulty hearing, or remembering to take medication. Service Dogs can even alert people before they have seizure or if their blood sugar is getting too low. Not only are the dogs trained to perform tasks for their handlers, they create opportunity for independence, and provide companionship. Today we talk about service dogs, how they’re different from therapy or emotional support animals, and what it takes to train and pair a dog with an individual.

Kara Milotte, Client Services Manager for NEADS, joins the conversation along with Lynn Stas, Region Coordinator for Guiding Eyes for the Blind Eastern Massachusetts, Doe Zottoli, a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and Amy Bower, Senior Scientist and physical oceanographer at WHOI, who has used service dogs for 20 years to assist as she has lost most of her vision due to retinal degeneration.

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NEADS Service Dogs Hop On A Boston Duck Tour For Training

Suzanne Sausville, WBZ NewsRadio

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Service dogs from NEADS World Class Service Dogs took a duck boat tour around Boston on Sunday as part of their public transportation training.

NEADS is a non-profit established in 1976 to train service dogs for people with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

“They’re highly trained service dogs who can perform up to 50 or 60 different tasks and commands,” said Cathy Zemaitis, who is the chief development and programs officer at NEADS. Continue reading... or listen below.

Service dogs take Duck Tour through Boston

Rob Pelaez, Boston Herald.

NEADS World Class Service Dogs celebrated Boston Duck Tours’ philanthropic initiative, ‘Quack-Quack, Give Back!” on Sunday with ambassadors and partners taking a private tour ride through the city.

The two organizations celebrated their 12-year partnership a week after Duck Tours’ 2024 season kicked off with the tour ride for service dogs and their handlers. For pooches too young for the tour, there was and a training course that included basic obedience, good manners and socialization, NEADS officials said.

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Meet Kona, the Service Dog for Hearing

From GBH News: This service dog changed a woman's life after losing her hearing.

After Kate Weaver lost much of her hearing, she turned to a service dog to bridge the gap between the hearing world and the deaf world. Service Dogs for Hearing can identify everyday sounds and alert their handler. Getting matched with hearing dog Kona changed her life.

Applications for Service Dogs for Hearing at NEADS are open now.

Editor's note: It costs NEADS about $45,000 to breed, raise and train a service dog. Clients matched with dogs are asked to fundraise $8,000 as a donation to NEADS.