More Ways to Give

Sponsor a NEADS Litter

With a $10,000 donation to NEADS, you can sponsor a NEADS-bred litter. Your donation will help us provide overall care for the mom and puppies while they are in our Nursery.

The NEADS Nursery is a warm and welcoming safe place where the newborn pups and mom thrive during the important first 8 weeks of life. Your support helps us provide care, food, veterinary care, and the beginnings of socialization.

If you're interested in sponsoring a NEADS-bred litter, please contact Doreen Sheridan using the form below.

Planned Giving

Include NEADS in your estate plans through a will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or life income gift to join the Kendrick Legacy Fund, named for the first NEADS service dog who paved the way for all others ... and whose legacy continues to lead the way. Gifts to our planned giving program enable us to continue our goal of helping others help themselves through the use of our unparalleled canine assistants.

Everyone has the capacity to leave a legacy, regardless of income.

NEADS is totally reliant on private donations, and for future expansion we also depend on the personal benefaction of friends who support our mission in a number of ways. You can donate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the assets in your will, stock options, annuity or even land. Please contact your financial advisor for guidance on how to include NEADS in your will.

Through the generosity of bequests, NEADS will continue to thrive well into the future. Friends of NEADS continue to support our vision with generous gifts that come after a donor's death. You may make a bequest using a will, trust, retirement assets, or life insurance. Whatever way you choose to include NEADS in your own estate plans, please let us know so that you will become a member of the Kendrick Legacy Fund. Please consult your attorney for the best way to include NEADS in your bequest.

If you're over 70, you can use your IRA to make a gift to free! There are many different ways you can use tax advantages to make a planned gift.

Dr. Dennis J. Ovitsky Veterinary Care Fund

The Dr. Dennis J. Ovitsky Veterinary Care Fund was established in Dr. Ovitsky’s memory by his family upon his passing in 2008 for the purpose of treating service dogs in our training program with severe or unusual medical conditions.

Donate to this fund to help ensure that we can continue to provide prompt and effective medical treatment to our Service Dogs who need additional levels of care.

Donate here

Sponsor a Doggie Dorm

With a $3,500 tax-deductible donation to NEADS, you can sponsor a "doggie dorm" to help all the dogs who will reside in that dorm for the year. Your partnership will provide enrichment the pups need while in their doggie dorm—fun toys, peanut butter treats and nylabones, to name a few.

Over the course of a year, approximately five dogs live in each doggie dorm while they learn customized skills that will eventually help their future human partner. Our dogs like their dorms! By supporting multiple dogs in a dorm, you become an active and vital part of NEADS.

Your donation provides a home for all the dogs that reside within the doggie dorm of your choice for one year from signup date. Please understand that not all dogs have the right temperament to be Assistance Dogs and those dogs are adopted out to loving homes. By sponsoring a dorm, you do not own or retain any ownership rights to our dogs. Funds donated to sponsor a dorm cannot be restricted for a specific client or Service Dog program (i.e., Hearing Dog, Service Dog, Dogs for Veterans dog).

Download a sponsorship form here.

Pawsitively Strong Fund

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, NEADS announced that survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing who have sustained a permanent physical disability were to be offered Service Dogs through the creation of a new fund.

NEADS worked in collaboration with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Victim Assistance Program and the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance to distribute information and identify potential recipients of Service Dogs. Through this collaboration, the fund is now opened to include survivors of violent crime in Massachusetts who have sustained a permanent physical disability, as a result of that crime, who feel that they would benefit from a Service Dog and qualify for the NEADS program. Additionally, the fund is open to those who have applied and been accepted for an Assistance Dog. These individuals must work directly with eligible victims of violent crimes in Massachusetts. Learn more about the fund here.

Donate to the fund

Sponsor a Litter Donors

  • Jessica Kensky, NEADS Service Dog Rescue, and Patrick Downes - 2 litters

  • Worcester Fire Department

Libby litter

Contact NEADS Development

Let us know if you have questions about any of our programs or other ways you can join our vibrant NEADS Nation community of donors.