Service Dogs for Veterans

NEADS has been providing fully-trained Service Dogs for United States veterans since 2006. Programs include Service Dogs for Veterans from any conflict who have a permanent physical disability or hearing loss, or have MS or other progressive conditions and veterans with diagnosed service-related PTSD. Service Dogs are provided at no charge to veterans who are eligible for our program.

Learn more about our program, the history behind it, and the incredible veteran community we work with and serve.

All about Service Dogs for Veterans

Connecting in a Time of Isolation

When Covid-19 hit, we knew that connecting with as many clients as possible was important, particularly the veterans with PTSD in our Trauma Assistance Dog (TAD) program. Talking to these veterans, it was apparent that the isolation and stresses of quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing brought on by the pandemic was getting to them…

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VA Service Dog Benefits

If you are a veteran interested in applying for a Service Dog, you are eligible to apply for the VA Service Dog Benefit if the reason you have the Service Dog is service-connected. The Service Dog must also be provided to you by a fully accredited organization (as NEADS is) through Assistance Dogs International (ADI) for PTSD, Hearing, and Physical Service Dogs, or International Guide Dog Federation for Guide Dogs.

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NEADS – Here for Veterans

A message from NEADS Program Development Administrator to all our veteran clients and applicants.

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What to Look for in a Service Dog for Veterans Program

Here are some key features to look for when evaluating a Service Dog for Veterans program and how the NEADS programs measure up.

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Building Community at NEADS with Quilts of Valor and Blue Star Mothers

NEADS is proud of its partnership with three organizations who are integral to the NEADS community: the Blue Star Mothers of Leominster and Worcester, and Quilts of Valor. The Blue…

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The History of NEADS Service Dogs for Veterans Programs

In May of 2006, NEADS was invited to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington, D.C. to give a presentation about the many skills and tasks that our dogs…

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Questions about our Service Dogs for Veterans programs?

Contact our Client Services department using the form below, and they will be in touch in a timely manner.

Read the stories of fellow veterans and their Service Dogs

Steve & Service Dog for Hearing Charlotte

Army veteran and retired Chicago police officer Stephen Hood’s hearing was profoundly deteriorating; even his hearing aids and cochlear implant were not enough to alleviate the mounting challenges of his…

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Hospitalization and Recovery during a Pandemic

The pandemic has been difficult for all our TAD* veterans, but one client in particular, Rebecca, found herself in an extremely tough situation. A few months prior to the pandemic, she had to make the hard decision to have her second leg amputated. She had only had her Service Dog, Sully, for about 4 months at that time and was clearly worried about what to do with him while in the hospital…

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Jared and Service Dog Jeter

Jared was diagnosed with PTSD after returning from Iraq in 2006. He had anxiety attacks two or three times a day. He rarely left the house except to go to…

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Kayne and Service Dog Nikki

Nikki has been with me for about a year now. She has changed my life dramatically, and I can’t imagine it without her. Nikki helps me with my daily tasks.…

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Mark and Service Dog Skipper

When I first found out that NEADS had a Service Dog for me, I will admit that I got excited, but when I was told his name was Skipper, I…

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Chris and Hearing Dog Masie

I first learned about the Hearing Ear Dog Program (now NEADS) in an article in the Disabled American Veterans magazine in 1982. I contacted the program and was interviewed and…

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Jason and Service Dog Ernie

Jason was diagnosed with PTSD in 2006, three years after returning from a difficult tour of duty with the Marine Corps in Iraq. He was in a very dark place,…

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Jocelyn and Service Dog Sammie

Jocelyn, an Air Force veteran and NEADS first female TAD client, was matched with Service Dog Sammie in 2017. Here’s her story:

I now know why there is a sign in the NEADS client house that says, “Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.” Little did I know just how quickly everything would change for the better when Sammie entered my life.

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In Their Words: I Once Sat in That Chair

I once sat in that chair and I watched,
People around me freely going to and fro,
Parents playing with their children,
As I once sat in that chair and watched.

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