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Client Fundraising Basics – Part I

How is the money that I raise for NEADS used? You can find the official statement on the Client Fundraising Agreement that you signed. Let’s break it down a bit more though.…

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News from the Training Department – May 2024

A message from Erin Toomey – Manager of Training After nearly 16 years in the Training Department, my last day will be May 10. It has been an honor and…

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Valentine’s Day Fundraising

There are many creative ways to fundraise during Valentine’s Day! Here are a few suggestions.

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NEADS Matching Funds

NEADS is committed to helping each client reach their fundraising goal. We employ many methods to make this happen, one of which is offering matching funds days solely to clients.…

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Civic Organizations

Many clients run into an after-the-holidays fundraising slump this time of year. Clients and donors are often worn out which makes January a slow month for donations. While this can…

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QR Codes

As a client fundraiser, you spend a lot of time trying to direct people to your NEADS fundraising page. A way to make this easier is by creating a QR…

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Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letters can help you reach a  large number of potential donors, and they are a great opportunity to tell your story and connect with your prospective donors. The key…

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Fundraising Letter Template

Service Dog clients are welcome to use this template to author their own fundraising letters.   Sample-fundraising-letter-Word (1)

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Donations as Gifts

Each holiday season, NEADS receives donations from people who donate as a gift in honor of someone special. The honoree receives a holiday card from NEADS along with a notification…

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Holiday Fundraising

The holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s the perfect time to fundraise!  This is a fantastic time of year to tap into the seasonal spirit and have some…

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