Meet that Raiser

Meet our Puppy Raisers – a very special special group of NEADS volunteers who spend their time socializing Service Dogs in Training and reinforcing what they learn in prison.

Meet that Raiser – Patricia Lage

Patricia has been a puppy raiser since August 2016. She has raised 3 Hearing Dogs, Nettie, Juniper & Berry who have all been placed with their clients and her current Hearing Dog in Training is Patty.

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Meet that Raiser – Barbara Laderman

Barbara is now raising her 7th puppy.

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Meet that Raiser – Colleen Whelpley

I, along with my husband Larry, have been a puppy raisers since 2007. We have raised 11 puppies, 9 service dogs, 1 furloughed and raising Barley now.

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Meet that Raiser – Annette McBride

Annette has been a raiser for 6 years and has raised 7 pups.

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Meet that Raiser – Shawna Graham

Shawna Graham has been a raiser for 7 ½ years and have raised 17 dogs- this includes a couple of one week fill in stints (including long term, short term, and furloughed dogs).

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Meet that Raiser – Anne-Marie Chernosky

Anne-Marie Chernosky has been a WPR since 2008 and I am working on dog #19. Sharon, Patch, Logan, Nesa, Betty, Angel, Apple, Mason, Tippy, Sunbeam a.k.a. Sunny, Lincoln, Griffey, Honey, Monty, Truman, Manny, Elliott, Harper, Lucy and last, but not least, Huxley.

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